US: Only 1,000 Vw Golf R, all in red color image

Now all the most dedicated U.S. enthusiasts of Volkswagen Golf R should hurry if they are in plans of buying one. You might feel a jerk hearing that Volkswagen is limiting the trade of Golf R for the United States.

This vehicle makes an output of 266 horsepower and is an all-wheel-drive model. Unfortunately, those who are looking forward for its import in the country should act fast since just 1, 000 models are finally planned to be sold in the country with only one body color and that is RED.

All the information has been provided by the Jalopbik commenter Foolio 1 with courtesy, who is continuously staying in touch with his local dealer so that he could provide details about when exactly this hot hatch is about to launch in the market. Till now, his dealer has sent an email stating that the reservations will start from the month of July. The email also included other information about the car’s color and sales limits.

According to the recent updates as suspected, Volkswagen confirms that this model is just a pre-order and more colors will soon be available in the market. However, we are still thinking about the two and four-door variants of Golf R. What could be the reason of not announcing the other variants from Volkswagen? Yet, we hope that whatever we have got until now is at least satisfying enough for the enthusiasts.


By Sunita Mandal