US: pickup battle rages on even with Ford’s new aluminum F-150 approaching image

Ford recently unveiled the much awaited fuel economy ratings for the new aluminum-body 2015 F-150 – with figures that seem initially rather unimpressive.

While the new aluminum intensive F-150 lived up to the hype and delivered on the promised mpg improvements, besting its competitors when it comes to gas-equipped trucks, the Ram diesel retained the overall best-in-class fuel economy for full-size pickups – thanks to its EcoDiesel’s 28 mpg highway rating. But the F-150, which was anyway among the heaviest trucks, gains numerous advantages when it comes to other sections as well – much more important to truck owners – such as towing and payload capacity. After all, no truck owner has ever bought a pickup because it’s so fuel-efficient.

That means both General Motors and Chrysler still aim towards their diverging paths that would eventually set them all towards the EPA’s truck fuel economy mandate of 30.2 mpg by 2025. Essentially, the much-awaited game-changing fuel-economy that almost everyone expected from the new F-150 – which topped out at 26 mpg – didn’t come. So, the rivals are scrapping now to muster each advantage in the never-ending battle for the pickup truck supremacy – Chrysler will not go the aluminum way too soon, GM is implementing a mix of advance materials that include aluminum and composites and is also ready to also introduce diesel options on the smaller Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.

Via Automotive News