US: Porsche and Corvette on top of 2014 Ideal Vehicle List image

California consulting firm AutoPacific has released its annual findings for the 2014 Ideal Vehicle Awards, or IVA. The results: Porsche tops the brands category and Chevrolet’s Corvette the model segment.

The German sports car maker has topped the “Ideal Vehicle” brand category for the second straight year, while Chevrolet Corvette’s new generation was selected on top of the list in its first year of appearance. Additionally, 25% of the top ranked models in the 2014 IVA are also brand new.

“Winning an IVA in their first year of release shows that these newly redesigned vehicles have hit the mark with their owners, but it also shows that the designers did their research to know how to best meet the needs and expectations of their core group of buyers,” said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific.

General Motors, together with Ford, had the biggest number of high-ranking models this year, with its GMC brand winning – even as the recall madness rages on – the “Most Ideal Popular Brand” section. Unlike other research that focuses on quality and durability, the Ideal Vehicle Awards aims to quantify the customers’ expectations and desires for their new car. 92,000 owners that had at least 90 days of possession were asked to rate their model on 15 different qualities.