The 2017 Smart ForTwo Cabrio will kick off in the United States from $18, 900, becoming the country’s cheapest convertible model.

The Smart ForTwo is today in its second generation and if you’re going to such lengths towards buying a very practical car that can be parked anywhere (but only has room for two persons and almost no luggage) you might at least gain another perk – the possibility to bask in the sun. So, you’re best off going for the Cabrio – which is now becoming available in the US to enjoy the small car in big city experience with the roof down. Added perks from the second generation are the slightly more powerful engine options and the usable transmission. At $18,900, the ForTwo Cabrio is also the cheapest convertible in the United States when it pops in dealerships later this year.

The Smart’s convertible roof is electrically operated and will be full closed in 12 seconds, with operation possible at any speed. The base configuration is the Passion trim with a five-speed manual gearbox. Go for the six-speed Twinamic dual-clutch automatic and you’ll shell $19,890. Smart lets you go for the more upscale Prime and Proxy trims, but those haven’t been priced just yet. Still, the difference between the Passion cabrio and hardtop is of $2,760, so in that line of thought you can just see the prices of the Proxy hardtop and add that figure to get the approximate value.



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