US: Ram diesel seeks fuel economy title among trucks image

As US buyers have again turned their attention on the sprawling segment of full-sized trucks, fuel economy has become an increasingly competitive issue – even though cheap gas prices are again a fact.

This is why the only diesel truck on the US market, made by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is an important step in establishing the trend. Going against the current – Ford opted on reducing the weight of the F-150 sales champ – Ram put a V6 EcoDiesel inside the truck to achieve its goals in the fuel economy field.

The company now said its truck has been certified by the EPA at 20 mpg (11.76 l/100 km) in city driving and 23 mpg (10.2 l/100 km) in combined city/highway driving.

“We are immensely gratified by achieving these milestones. Not only do they confirm our position as an industry leader in powertrain development and truck design, they promise tremendous benefits for our customers.” Said Bob Lee, Chrysler Group’s head of engine and transmission engineering, said in a statement.

The title will soon be put to the test when the EPA will test the new 2015 aluminum-body F-150 pickup, which Ford considers will easily be the fuel-efficient champion when it goes on sale later this year.