Recent online surveys have showed that US consumers are now getting acclimatized to the idea of roads filled with hybrid and electric cars, even as the gasoline price drop continues to direct the vast majority towards gas-guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks.

The market for alternative fuel vehicles has developed increasingly faster in recent years – with numerous plug in hybrids, electric cars and even fuel cell-powered models now on sale. Some of the automakers have taken different roads when entering the market. Nissan’s Leaf, the world’s best selling electric car, is a unique looking and completely independent developed car. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s e-Golf looks almost exactly the same as the internal combustion driven models. So, consumers have been recently asked by surveyors if they believe alternate-fuel vehicles should look different or just the same as regular cars. The result – somewhat surprisingly – is that more than half of the interviewed motorists believe the alternative-powered cars should look the same as conventional models. So, kudos to Volkswagen and way off for Toyota’s fuel cell Mirai. Further on, just 17 percent of the respondents said they want green cars to look vastly different and around 31 percent didn’t even care about the way they are designed.

That means EVs. Hybrids and other alternative powered vehicles are now transitioning from the adopter stage into the mainstream acceptance – more than three quarter of drivers believe hybrids and EVs are now here to stay and more than half contemplate the possibility of one day owning one. On the other hand, more than half consider – under the current gasoline price climate – the fuel savings brought by the new technology make up for the significant investment difference.



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