US: Record recall for smallest Swedish automaker Koenigsegg image

If you take a look at the news that surround the US automotive industry you’ll see that the ones that signal the health of the sector, with sales on pace to climb above those of 2013 are swarmed by recall related notices.

General Motors – with its safety debacle surrounding the ignition switch mishap – has been on top of the numerous recalls, on its own managing to surpass the previous record for a whole year and all automaker on the US market. Then there’s the Takata airbag issue, with some automakers needing to call back vehicles for a second time to address the liabilities. So, it’s safe to say that 2014 is the “Year of the Recall” – with all previous records close to being surpassed twice, and we still have some months to go before we get to 2015.

This lengthy intro leads to another recall record though: exotic Swedish automaker Koenigsegg has told the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it will recall because of a tire problem just one car. That’s, right – one car, mainly one of the few Agera produced. The manufacturer said it will have no problem finishing this recall, as the owner of the $1.3 million has been notified and they expect 100% completion of the notice.