US: record recall year – more than 60 million units image

Just a few short days remain from 2014 and it will surely go down in history as the “auto safety crisis” year, with US recalls alone topping 60 million autos because of General Motors and Takata Corp.

For the first time ever, US recall totals have already surpassed the 60 million threshold, mainly because of the two huge crisis that appeared this year: the General Motors ignition switch debacle and the Takata Corp. airbag inflator mishaps. By Decemebr 20 the tally had reached 60.5 million units, which is almost double the level set by the previous record – established way back in 2004, when the annual record of recalled vehicles stood at 30.8 million units, according to figures compiled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website’s database. Additionally, the figures have not been updated yet with the latest string of recalls announced by automakers as they expand the campaigns for the Takata airbags to nationwide and global levels.

The US regulator, which came under criticism because it was seen slow to react on both cases, is also pressing carmakers now to recall cars faster if evidence is pointing to the necessity – which means the recall levels might remain high for a lengthy period from now on. Additionally, while the GM ignition switch has apparently worn out already, the same cannot be said by the one involving the Japanese auto safety parts maker Takata.

Via Bloomberg