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The leading US auto safety regulator held on Thursday a rare public hearing concerning the alleged misdoings of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in recalls that span across more than 10 million vehicles.

The US auto regulators have revealed during the public hearing they have numerous concerns about Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s inactions that led to the failure of notifying both owners and government officials about the safety camapigns. “Fiat Chrysler has repeatedly failed to notify owners about recalls in a timely manner,” commented Jennifer Timian, acting director of defect investigators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Problems with the information that Fiat Chrysler reports – or in many cases, fails to report – to keep (regulators) apprised of its recalls obstructs our ability to carry out our statutory oversight responsibilities.” In turn, a FCA executive, Scott Kunselman, the company’s senior vice president for vehicle safety and regulatory compliance in North America, acknowledged the automaker was short of his duties in terms of execution of auto safety recalls.

He added the carmaker, the third largest in the US and seventh biggest in the world, was now en route to improve the recall procedures and initiate new best practices. “Recall execution is where we have fallen short,” commented Kunselman during the regulatory hearing held at the Department of Transportation in Washington. “You’ll probably look for action very soon after the docket closes (on July 17),” was the response later on from Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about the 23 recalls in question during the public hearing.

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  • Naweed

    I had purchased a Dodge Viper from a (private dealer who never registered the car in Canada ( USA car) it was sold to me with the title I took it to get it registers I was told take it to the Chrysler dealer to address the recall I took it to Chrysler dealer they got me to do my safety and etest made me change wheelbarrings bill came up to over 3000$ they change everything I went to go pick up the car they gave the invoice to me I faxed the paper work to The ministry the recall was never address because parts are not avalible. so the dealer made me spend 3000$ knowing my situation and also knowing that I wouldn’t be able to register my car. Terrible experience. I am affected on another level as far as they recalls go. Chrysler screwed me right to the end. From the recalls to the dealer misleading me to sell shit and make me spend 3000$ on a car I can’t even register the first 50 000$ was not enough they had to screw me for another 3000$