US regulators force Mitsubishi to perform new tests image

Following the mileage manipulation disclosures, the US regulators have ordered Mitsubishi to retest all its vehicles sold in the region.

Mitsubishi has said that other models sold outside Japans may have higher fuel figures than the officially reported ones, thus triggering red flags in the United States. And after Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, the US regulators are determined not to let any other similar manipulations to further escalate. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency said it has ordered Mitsubishi to perform new fuel-economy tests and to provide additional information regarding all their vehicles sold in the US.

This follows the last week statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which also urged the Japanese automaker to come up fast with more facts over the matter. The company already defended itself in front of the US officials saying it has not altered the mileage data in the region, claiming the homeland manipulation happened as it used US fuel economy tests standards.

In Japan, the cars affected by this new scandal are around 625,000 models of the eK Wagon and eK Space models and the Nissan Dayz and Dayz Roox, but the local media reported that i-MiEV electric car is also caught up in this. The i-MiEV is sold outside Japan and there are other suspicions on its RVR, Outlander, Pajero or Minicab-MiEV models. Japan’s transport ministry imposed on local automakers to submit fuel economy test data by May 18, while the authorities have already raided one of the Mitsubishi’s research and development facilities.