The US Transportation Department is moving forward with the advent of the connected car – envisioning a not so distant world of tomorrow where vehicles communicate with each other and avoid most of today’s accidents.

The Department has moved forward and has started writing the rules that could lead to automakers compulsory using talking-car technology, as the regulator says that at least a thousand lives could be saved annually from the move.

“By warning drivers of imminent danger, V2V technology has the potential to dramatically improve highway safety, ” said David Friedman, the NHTSA’s acting administrator. “V2V technology is ready to move toward implementation.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which proposed a rule making notice on the so-called vehicle-to-vehicle communication, no less than 592,000 accidents and 1,083 fatalities could be prevented by just two of the technologies mulled to be part of the rules.

The V2V technology – allowing vehicles to automatically communicate between themselves – can see safety data exchanged as much as 10 times per second, warning drivers if a collision becomes imminent. Also, the companies that would build the new systems and the automakers that would employ them see this step as cornerstone towards the advent of the automated vehicle.

Via Bloomberg


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