US regulators to probe Ford Explorer image

According to a NHTSA statement, the federal authority has initiated a review of some cars in the Ford Explorer line-up after reports emerged about exhaust gases creeping inside the passenger area.

The exhaust gases, which include the toxic carbon monoxide are said to enter the passenger compartment, a serious potential safety problem that has so far spurred consumer complaints and even a lawsuit.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration said it was “reviewing all available data and will take appropriate action as warranted,” admitting it has been made aware of customer complaints regarding Ford’s Explorer SUVs from model year 2011-2014.

There is also a lawsuit on the matter, recently filed, in which Angela Knutson, the owner of a 2013 Ford Explorer claimed on a suit filed in the Florida federal court that the cars – although Ford did acknowledge in 2012 that some of the cars “may exhibit an exhaust odor in the vehicle with the auxiliary climate control system on” – were not serviced on the matter and could have a defect that allows “lethal quantities of carbon monoxide” into the cabin.

Prompted to respond to the allegations, a spokesperson for Ford said the company is currently investigating as well the matter and it would swiftly address any issues that arise.

Via Reuters