US: remember the Hummer? Now you can buy a retired military Humvee image

The Terminator, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, would most likely endorse this move, even if he went through a green period as the governor of California. Yep, the US military is making a buck selling to interested parties their retired surplus of Humvees.

They were the backbone of the US military forces for decades, they have been praised, adulated and thrown on the ground when revealing their weaknesses, they even spun off a short lived company that produced civilian versions. It’s the ubiquitous Humvee and it’s time we started saying goodbye to the hulking vehicle as the armed forces are now gaining more modern means of hauling men, cargo and weapons – such as the SU Marines Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, or GUSS, which is an autonomous oversized six-wheel quad. But never mind those, let’s get back to the huge Humvees, which can be found on sale on GovPlanet and come with the GSA form SF97-1, meaning the owner has a title to the vehicle.

It’s still unknown how the new, civilian owner, will get to use the vehicle though, as the military vehicles are unregistered and uninsured – so for the time being you might want to hold off on that planned trip to the street corner shop to impress your missus. The Humvees, with around 1,100 already sold since they became available in December 2014 for prices that can go up to $41,000, have exceeded sales expectations, especially considering the difficult nature of gaining a proper registration and insurance.

Via Govplanet