US: Reno believes Tesla Gigafactory will increase “brand” image image

Reno, Nevada, residents are already discussing about the so-called “Tesla effect” even as the company’s rapidly expanding battery production factory outside the town is only scheduled to start output in 2016.

Tesla employees have already started relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area, where the youngest publicly traded US automaker is located, to the neighborhoods around the factory and the business in and around the area are taking full advantage. According to many, the northern Nevada could see its best times since the silver rush of the 1850s and the gaming boom one hundred years later thanks to the %5 billion investment by Tesla Motors. The plant in the industrial park east of town is a great opportunity for the self-titled “Biggest Little City in the World” to shed its image as an “affordable” Las Vegas and diversify its economy.

Founded in 1868 as a station on the transcontinental railroad, Reno is sitting in a valley 20 miles (30 kilometers) east of the Sierra Nevada mountains and close to Lake Tahoe. The city has managed to attract several massive technology companies – Apple is constructing a data center, Inc. relocated a distribution warehouse to a 1.2-million-square-foot warehouse closer to Reno and Switch, a Las-Vegas developer of data centers is building a facility and assisting the University of Nevada’s Reno innovation center. But Tesla is a long-haul business creator, with hopes that Reno would be transformed much in the way BMW impacted Spartanburg, South Carolina, when it opened its SUV production facility in the 1990s.

Via Bloomberg