US: research sees electric car owners affluent and young image

According to the latest study covering the auto industry segment of electric vehicles, in the US the owners of the green autos coming from the global automakers usually have more cash to spend and are younger than customers of the standard versions.

According to the research, while the electric car purchase might usually be associated with a specific way of life, the commissioned study found that despite their larger wealth the purchase was in many cases deeply influenced by the great deal offered on this type of autos. That’s because electric cars – compared to traditional versions of the same model – are still costlier and because of lower than anticipated sales they now have massive incentives in showrooms. The automotive study focused on the profile of a typical customer for two compact models, one equipped with a conventional, internal combustion engine and one having an electric powertrain – the conclusion was they were entirely different.

With sales of electric cars further driven down by the recent plunge in gasoline prices, researches done in the field continue to show the segment has yet to find its target audience – whether it’s a luxury model such as Tesla’s Model S or a more mundane option. In the given example, which covered the conventional and electric versions of the Ford Focus, buyers averaging 46 and with an average household income of $77,000 per year opted for the first. The latter was chosen by customers with an average age of 43 and with an income that jumped to no less than $199,000.