According to the latest study coming from Harris Poll, an overwhelming majority of US drivers are willing to pay as much as $1,499 if their new car comes equipped with the latest advancements in entertainment and safety.

Consumers around the globe demand even more connectivity features and high-tech features and devices – ranging from back-up cameras and USB ports to smartphone charging systems. The online research involved 1,033 vehicle owners and was ordered by researcher, with around 55% of the interviewed drivers claiming that music streaming services offered by the likes of Pandora or Spotify can increase driving excitement. The Consumer Electronics Show currently in full swing in Las Vegas is the perfect venue for the latest advancements in auto technologies, including self-driving cars, dashboards covered by touchscreens or even vehicles remotely controlled via smartwatches.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, automakers and their suppliers are hard at work covering the $11.3 billion annual market of factory-installed technologies for vehicles. “Consumer electronics are quickly becoming a spectacle in the automotive industry,” comments Michelle Krebs, an analyst for AutoTrader. The survey shows that up to 51% of the customers are willing to pay as much as $1,499 if the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) come up with technology that is easy to use, and they are even willing to wait as much as an year to secure the car with advanced features and devices.

Via Bloomberg


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