The National Safety Council (NSC) warns us that winter time is the one with the highest number of victims due to car crashes.

It predicts that 346 persons will die and other 41, 900 will get seriously injured over the winter holidays.
Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of NSC advises drivers that “When you are traveling, remember that you are your car’s most important safety feature. Getting to zero deaths on our roadways requires each of us to be safer behind the wheel.”

According to the annual study “Best drivers” from the Allstate Insurance, Boston is the worst city in the U.S. to drive in whether it is raining or snowing as drivers get there into an accident at a 157.7% more frequent rate than the national average. It is followed up close by Baltimore in Maryland and Washington. Allstates names Kansas City the safest town for drivers where you are 24.8% less likely to get in a car crash, followed by Cape Coral in Florida and Brownsville in Texas.

Check out below the top 10 cities in the U.S. to drive and to avoid in winter, based on the inches of precipitation in each area, followed by the chances of a collision:

Safest cities for drivers in bad weather

  1. Kansas City – 24.8% less likely to crash
  2. Cape Coral – 21.0% less likely to crash
  3. Brownsville – 24.6% less likely to crash
  4. Boise – 23.5% less likely to crash
  5. Madison – 18.2% less likely to crash
  6. Huntsville – 14.7% less likely to crash
  7. Fort Collins – 21.% less likely to crash
  8. Port Saint Lucie – 11.8% less likely to crash
  9. Cary – 13.8% less likely to crash
  10. Montgomery – 12.4% less likely to crash.

Most dangerous cities for drivers in bad weather

  1. Boston – 157.7% more likely to crash
  2. Worcester – 120.7% more likely to crash
  3. Baltimore – 113.9% more likely to crash
  4. Washington – 106.3% more likely to crash
  5. Springfield – 93.1% more likely to crash
  6. Providence – 87.4% more likely to crash
  7. Glendale – 79.4% more likely to crash
  8. Los Angeles – 63.3% more likely to crash
  9. San Francisco – 65.0% more likely to crash
  10. Philadelphia – 64.4% more likely to crash.


Via Forbes


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