US: safety group compiles auto safety warning list image

Hit by the incredible huge amount of recalls this years, federal agencies in the US are now rallying to better find and address potential safety flaws in vehicles on the road.

Now, the Safety Institute, a non-profit organization that monitors product safety issues and trends has done exactly that – providing us with a list of potential product defects in cars and trucks, which sees Toyota, Ford and GM heading the shameful record. The watchdog group has compiled its first of the kind, quarterly Vehicle Safety Watch List that highlights potential, safety related defects in vehicles today.

“Thoughtfully applying analytic tools to available data on motor vehicle problems will help direct resources to problems in advance of crises. This much-needed program will provide important guidance for NHTSA, industry, attorneys and the public” said Sean Kane, founder and president of the board of directors of The Safety Institute. “Instead of NHTSA’s actions probed in occasional Congressional hearings, The Safety Institute’s reports will provide regular review of the agency’s enforcement activities and how well it is doing. It’s long overdue.”

Placing on top of the list is the 2012 Ford Focus, with potential defects at the steering systems – the same model also comes third for electrical failures.

Toyota joins the pack with nine model years of three models – the Sienna minivan, RAV4 and its best-selling Camry – while recall plagued GM also has three separate models: the 2011 and 2012 Chevy Cruze and the 2007 GMC Yukon.