US safety regulators investigate Ford F-150 for possible brake problems image

Some complaints made the US Federal safety regulators open a probe against Ford’s F-150 pickup over some braking failures.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it received 33 reports alleging master cylinder failures in model year 2013 through 2014 Ford F-150 full size pickup trucks. All of the complaints involve models powered by the 3.5-litre V6 engines, with an estimated 420, 000 units affected in the United States, accounting for around 36 percent of F-150 2013-2014 deliveries. The complaints allege symptoms of brake pedal going to the floor with complete loss of stopping force, brake warning lamp illumination, and low or empty master cylinder reservoir fluid level with no visible leakage. Some of the owners said a dealership inspection determined that all of the brake fluid inside the master cylinder had emptied into the brake booster. Four drivers claimed the issue has led to crashes.

“Applied brakes to slow down getting off Interstate I-85 and the pedal went to the floor with no warning other than the check brake fluid level afterwards,” an owner from Georgia wrote. A Texas driver said the fluid repeatedly disappeared almost immediately after refilling the reservoir. “The next morning the brake pedal went straight to the floor,” the owner wrote. “No brakes at all. No sign of leak anywhere. No fluid on driveway. Vanishing fluid?” A number of the complaints said Ford replaced the master cylinder and brake booster for free under the factory warranty, but the investigation could determine that some or all of the pickups need to be recalled to proactively make repairs.

Via Automotive News