US: Scion envisioning more products to support recovery image

The youthful Toyota brand that made a name for itself in the United States has been seeking a turnaround recently after sales have fallen from peak levels seen not long ago, and will come up with two completely new models for 2016.

The duo includes the new iM hatchback and the iA, the make’s first sedan. But that’s not all, as the brand could push even further into new territory within its near future. Declining sales have been around for a decade, even though the overall auto market has been surging for almost six straight years and Scion’s new management team is now willing to make key changes. General Manager Doug Murtha now says followers might be in for a surprise, as the brand could have its own pickup – sport utility vehicle or at least some vehicle that employs all-wheel drive. “I’m a hand-raiser for any product suitable for the brand,” Murtha commented in a recent interview.

Among the crucial shifts in strategy, Scion has decided to expand its model lineup from the current limit of three products and the brand boss says the jump could mean reaching up to six different autos at a given time. He also said the usual stance of taking Toyota’s odd models from overseas around half way through their product life cycle, Scion might get its own, specifically designed products that will have a longer lifespan in the future. “I’d be open to a pickup or a crossover,” the executive added, reminding the brand has already explored the option a few years ago in the form of the A-BAT pickup concept.