US: Scion in search of the automated purchase system image

The Japanese brand Scion has always set itself as the youthful arm of Toyota, targeting millennials and upcoming generations of buyers – and all these usually use their computer, tablet or smartphone for any purchase.

So, the Japanese automaker is aiming to follow the trend – where the Internet is the central hub of almost any new buy, whether be it music, a sweater or the new Scion iM. For the latter now exists the new Pure Process Plus internet buying system, with Scion the latest in a long list of brands looking for new ways to sell their models online – though without trespassing on dealer territory. The Pure Process system allows consumers to choose a car, get a final price, arrange financing details and – if legal – even have the car delivered to the doorstep. According to the brand’s boss Doug Murtha, the system has been initially tested across ten dealers and has now expanded to 60.

The usual Pure Process was a method to get rid of the inconvenient price haggling – drivers can select a few options as the Scion models are usually well packed with features. For example, on the new iA and iM the buyer can choose exterior colors, manual or automatic transmission and whether you need navigation. The price is then set and the Pure Process Plus allow all that to be done via the Internet. The pilot program is now concentrated in Phoenix and San Diego, but the brand wants to make it a nationwide project across its 1,000 dealers by the second half of next year.