US: see the cheapest and costliest states for auto repairs image

Michigan, with the Detroit acting as the US capital of automakers, is naturally among the cheapest states in terms of car repairs, shows a new state-by-state analysis conducted by CarMD.

The state of Michigan has a top ranking because motorists usually make small repairs fast as they know they could escalate into more costly issues, with the average individual car repair in Michigan costing last year around $353.81, achieving the fourth place in the affordability ranking. The national average last year stood at $390.38 and the costliest car repairs could be found in Washington, DC, at an average bill of $467.11 for a repair. “Many factors contribute to overall repair costs such as vehicle make and age, parts availability and cost, and hourly labor rates that are often beyond a car owner’s control; however, something everyone can control is how quickly they address check engine light issues when they arise,” commented David Rich, CarMD’s technical director, in a release.

The data brought forth by the study showed that states with the most affordable repairs also had the highest percentage of “quick fix” work – repairs that can be done in minutes as opposed to major issues that need days of completion. That’s a great indicator to the vigilance of car owners, as they were more or less willing to address repair needs fast. The cheapest states to have the auto repaired were: Wyoming ($308.76), followed by Montana ($333.13) and Nebraska ($340.36). Meanwhile after Washington DC, the four other expensive states were: Delaware ($451.03), New Jersey ($447.19), California ($437.97) and Connecticut at $436.98.