US Senators attack GM’s top lawyer image

During the latest Congressional hearing on GM’s late ignition switch recall, the lawmakers demanded to know why the leader of the legal department was not fired alongside the responsible persons.

The Senators asked why General Counsel Michael Millikin, present at the hearing, was not dismissed from the company – considering the fact that his department had knowledge of the deadly ignition flaw – even it was revealed that he had no prior knowledge of the issue.

“I do not understand how the General Counsel for a litigation department that had this massive failure of responsibility, how he would be allowed to continue in that important leadership role in this company,” said Senator Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of the Senate Commerce subcommittee.

“I need the right team, and Mike Millikin is a man of incredibly high integrity,” Barra said. “He has tremendous global experience as it relates to the legal profession. He’s the person I need on this team. He had a system in place. Unfortunately, in this instance, it wasn’t brought to his attention, frankly, by people who brought many other issues forward. He is a man of high integrity and he is the right person.”

The 2.6 million cars recalled in relation to the specific ignition switch defect were mostly Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions, with the company linking the issue so far to at least 54 accidents and 13 fatalities.

Via Reuters