US: shareholder couple asks Tesla Motors to go Vegan image

The Tesla Motors annual shareholder meeting has recently passed and among the numerous announcements made there – concerning the autopilot feature, the company’s plans or the impending sales start of the Model X crossover, we also found an interesting story.

The electric car manufacturer has been asked by two of its shareholders, originating from Texas, to stop using animal products for the build of its cars. During the company’s yearly shareholder meeting on Tuesday, Mark and Elizabeth Peters, shareholders from Hurst, Texas, called upon Tesla to stop using animal-sourced materials for interior components such as leather seats. The unveiled two proposals, one designed to lower the use of such products, and completely eliminate them by 2019. The other was for Tesla to become the world’s first “cruelty-free” premium car brand. Unfortunately, the proposals were both rejected by the investors, according to a subsequent filling. “Tesla does offer a vegan option to customers who express that this is a priority for them,” explained a company spokesperson. “If they want no leather in their car, the customer would choose the Multi-Pattern black seats which have a synthetic leather trim and then custom-order a vegan steering wheel.”

Tesla’s board recommended the proposals to be vetoed, claiming that looking for alternatives to animal-product usage could “impede or delay” the Palo Alto, California-based company’s higher-priority goals. “We’ll look into it,” replied chief executive officer Elon Musk when asked later on by a representative from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals if the group could support them in a quest to seek vegan alternatives.

Via Bloomberg