US: Shell’s Eco Marathon returning to Detroit next year image

The well known green motoring event – Shell’s Eco Marathon, has decided to make a return to Detroit next April after this year’s first visit proved an enormous success.

The marathon is scheduled already, taking place in 2016 between April 22 and 26, with the engineering contest challenging around 1,000 students from North and South America to race experimental high-efficiency vehicles under the shades of the Motor City. This year’s edition not only brought around 1,000 highly competitive students for the race, but also drew in a crowd of around 10,000 people to Detroit for a conference discussing the future of cities and mobility as they watched the futuristic models compete. The 2016 event is scheduled a little later the same month, in a bid to make sure the weather will prove hospitable to both racers and the onlookers. This year Shell had to cancel a practice day because of strong winds – with 40 mph-plus gusts were a threat to the incredibly light and aerodynamic vehicles that were spawned by the university and high school students.

The Eco Marathon drew in a crowd for the conference on the upcoming strategy for mobility, urban planning and green energy, while on the streets of Detroit, on the waterfront and downtown, a total of 113 vehicles took the challenge. The winning model was constructed by a team from the University of Toronto, posting an average fuel consumption of 3,421 miles per gallon of gasoline. The models designed and built by the teams had to undergo compelling technical and safety trials before being allowed to compete – and entries range from gasoline cars to alternate fuels.