US-special moment, as Koenigsegg starts manufacturing the first legal Agera RS image

The hypercar manufacturer has recently announced it would begin manufacturing the first Agera RS that has been fully homologated and is thus road-legal in the United States.

The automaker announced the feat in a post on its official website, adding the lucky owner of the upcoming Agera RS has also given his consent to have the entire assembly process from start to finish documented. The carmaker also had to admit the US – with a flurry of wealthy people – was not its best market so far so it decided the possible one-off US-Spec Agera RS will be treated as “an epic build story taking place over six months or so”. The Agera RS has been showcased for the first time to the worldwide audience during this year’s Geneva Motor Show and will receive a highly exclusive production run of just 25 vehicles – 10 of them have already been reserved. Of the pre-sold cars, four units have already been finished and another six of them are running on the production line as the rest eagerly await their future owners to start the manufacturing process. Since it’s a limited production run manufacturer, the current orders that include the Agera RS and the Regera models will give work to the brand’s plant in Angelholm, Sweden for the next couple of years.

In case you don’t know who we’re dealing with here, the 1,395-kg Agera RS uses a 5.0-liter V8 powerplant that makes up no less than 1,160 bhp (866 kW) when using normal fuel – it has also been adapted for certain markets that employ E85 and the flex fuel capacity enables even higher output levels.

Photo credit: @OskarBakke and @kopterframes