The annual Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index, a research aimed squarely at finding the best dealerships and among them the ones most prone to close the deal on their cars, sees Mercedes-Benz venues on top and Tesla outlets close to the end.

While the fact that Mercedes-Benz dealerships head up the list comes as no surprise – the German brand topped the premium sales last year, ahead of traditional leader BMW – the presence at the bottom of Tesla’s venues was seen as a more unlikely event. That’s because the California-based electric automaker always boasted about the advantages of owning their own retail outlets – as opposed to traditional franchised dealers.

“Today, car salespersons have become a lot more helpful” than a decade ago, said Fran O’Hagan, the analyst behind the Pied Piper study. “We’re measuring how effectively a dealer turns a car shopper into a car buyer,” he added.

The 2014 Pied Piper Satisfaction Index, or PPSI, puts Mercedes-Benz on top, followed closely by Nissan’s Infiniti, while in third place sits neatly Toyota’s own luxury division, Lexus. The fourth place is locked in a four-way battle between Cadillac, Hyundai, Smart and Toyota. Meanwhile, while Mercedes topped the index with a score of 110 points, Tesla was way, way behind with just an 86 rating.


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