US: study establishes the reasons behind driver road rage image

Travel website has recently unveiled the findings of its second annual survey of bad driving behavior that showcases the shenanigans most likely to fuel into a road rage stance even the most relaxed motorists.

For the year, the most unconscionable action was crowned “texting while driving” – the most likely act to incite road rage among fellow motorists – 26 percent of drivers surveyed was infuriated by it. Tailgating came second with 13 percent and then was the perpetual left lane hog at 12 percent and the slow speed cruising at 10 percent. Naturally, road rage behavior is not necessarily triggered by the “other guy” – right? From the 1,000 drivers that answered in the poll, no less than 61 percent admitted to speeding, 29 percent tailgated other vehicles, 26 percent used profanities and 25 percent “regularly or occasionally” used their mobile phones when behind the wheel. While only 17 percent admitted to flipping off a fellow driver, no less than 53 percent were at the receiving end of the gesture.

To no one’s shock and ore, New York City is the nation’s capital of rude driving – 42 percent of interviewed drivers attested, while Los Angeles was second at 32 percent, followed by Chicago at 16 16 percent and Washington, D.C. at 16 percent. The most courteous of motorists are to be found in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, no less than 52 percent of the drivers were annoyed by the so-called “back-seat drivers”, followed by the “reluctant co-pilot” at 12 percent, the “the radio hog” at 10 percent, “the snoozer” at 8 percent and – Dear God – the “shoe remover” at 7 percent.

Via Forbes