US: study finds best cars for man’s best friend image

Having a family means you usually move around in your car some kids, some various sports gear, the bulk of groceries and many other family belongings. But how about adding the dog there, too?

According to The Humane Society, some 78.2 million Americans also have a dog – and we can imagine that many of them take their canine companion along for the car ride. has found that no less than 55% of the visitors on the website seek cars and trucks that can also accommodate dogs, while no less than 75% of the owners take their pet in the car at least once per month.

Autotrader has moved to even establish its own list of top dog carrying vehicles, as pet owners know that finding the suitable car for their friend can become a hassle. First off, they need things like an easy access point and besides other factors that could hinge on certain personal needs there are many laws (state or city wide) that need to be taken into account.

“You wouldn’t take your baby for a drive without a car seat, don’t take your dog without a crate,” says Cesar Milan, the well-known reality television show star and dog trainer.

Here’s the top seven dog friendly cars: Subaru Outback; Nissan Juke; Volkswagen Tiguan; BMW X3; Volvo V60; Kia Soul; Honda Odyssey. Even if they’re not on the shopping list, some basic amenities for your four-legged friend can be met if you take some factors into account: get a car with a rear lift gate; have some rear cargo attachments; get a containment barrier/divider; rear climate control is preferable to the dog hanging out his head out the window.