US: study predicts massive auto recalls are not over yet image

A new research conducted by advisory firm Stout, Risius and Ross has come to the conclusion that massive automotive recalls are poised to continue their high rate of appearance this year.

The second annual automotive industry warranty and recall study comes after auto manufacturers last year called back into safety campaigns a record total of 63.9 million cars and trucks in the US alone, more than twice the previous record of a little over 30 million units set back in 2004. The advisory firm did contend that such incredible recalls like 2014’s General Motors ignition switch issue or Takata airbag mishaps are unlikely this year. The aggressive National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will reign in pressure on the market to address any possible safety concern, leading to a higher than number of recalls. “We will continue to see an elevated level of recall volume,” said Neil Steinkamp, managing director of SRR. “The regulators have said we will … and they’re addressing safety issues very proactively.” The study also points out that automakers have managed to increase their completion rate – meaning the number of vehicles actually repaired in a recall – while also becoming more transparent when it comes to suppliers involved.

The study did find that last year each carmaker actually recalled at least the double of sold cars and trucks. General Motors was the absolute leader – with 9.1 times – followed by Honda with 5.9 times and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV recalling 4.3 times the number of vehicles it delivered. GM ignition switch amounted to 20 percent of the total of recalls and Takata’s airbag inflator crisis surged to 30 percent of last year’s safety actions.