When it comes to driving a car, life gives you the same amount of reasons to become embarrassed – just as it happens into any other activity. And, because in the US – land of all possibilities – there’s a survey for anything, here’s one that deals with car shame.

According to Insurance.com, the author of the study, at least 90% of the respondents said that over the course of their driving experience they had at least one moment they were’nt proud of.

“It’s those moments when you hope nobody is watching,” said Des Toups, managing editor of Insurance.com. “You’re walking around, clicking your key fob repeatedly for some sign of your car, or you just took five tries to get into a parking space.”

Besides the fact that men admitted to an average of 3.5 goofs and women to 4.2, almost 5% of the drivers polled said they were actually north of 10 shameful deeds. The most common mistake would be to forget the place where you parked, with 52% of the people admitting to it. Second comes for 43% of the drivers, which drove unintentionally over a parking lot curb, while 37% admitted they locked their car keys at least once in their car. Among the merrier mistakes we could point to people who tried to open the door and realized it’s the wrong car, leaving the gas station with the nozzle still attached to the car or leaving someone behind at a trip stop.


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