US: study shows auto dealerships need improvements image

The latest research conducted in the US shows that both women and the upcoming power generation – the Millennials – are still reacting positive to the traditional dealership experience when shopping for a car, save for the usual ton of paperwork.

While many feared so, with the advent of the Internet of things and of mobile devices, dealerships are in no danger to become obsolete – with women and younger shoppers actually needing the dealership experience to compare their research, do a test drive and even negotiate the price. This is what the Autotrader “Car buyer of the future” study that has been recently released showed, coming up just ahead of the official opening for the media on Wednesday of the New York Auto Show. The research was done on a basis of more than 4,000 consumers. On the other hand, the vast majority of buyers disapprove of the current car-buying system, especially considering the 4-6 hours needed for the transaction to complete at the end, with an entire hour needed just for the client’s credit check.

No less than 84 percent of the respondents said they want to go through the dealership experience, with women and young buyers most likely to come in to see, touch and drive the vehicle they had researched for on the Internet. Additionally, people spend new a record amount of time researching their next new vehicle online: 16.7 hours, increasingly doing it from the mobile devices, rather than personal computers.