US: Subaru becomes a true mainstream American brand image

While the Subaru brands is definitely a Japanese-born automotive company, owned by Fuji Heavy Industries, the pace of sales on the US soil clearly recommends it for a green card.

The brand has been turning heads in the automotive industry with double-digit increases when others struggle with small increases or even fight to be in the black – and a term designating the owners of Subaru cars has been invented: “Subaruians”. The explanation is rather simple – years ago the brand established itself through the attributes that promoted it a top the motorsport-rallying world – all-wheel drive and boxer engines. Now, the company has been raking record sales and quickly rose to be a reputable name on the US market thanks to its line-up of models that don’t lack the iconic “Symmetrical AWD”, have a definite lifestyle touch and extremely loyal customers.

Owners of Subaru cars are rather typical – they owned some other Subarus before and they might never turn to another brand. They’re also highly educated, have a family, pets and love the outdoors. They’re also not necessarily true car enthusiasts. According to Subaru, 50 % of buyers of the brand own at least one pet and are three times more likely to have active lifestyles – being involved in activities such as biking, kayaking or hiking.