US: Subaru manages to post record sales in 2014 image

The Japanese specialized brand has had another great year in 2014, managing to hit two milestones – the first time it sells more than half a million cars in the US and record deliveries of 513, 693 units, rising 21 percent from the figures of 2013.

And if you feel unimpressed with the situation, we should point out that according to AutoData Corp., total sales last year for the overall US auto market soared 5.9 percent, to 16.5 million vehicles. Subaru’s sales advances are not also very uncommon – since the Fuji heavy Industries brand managed to lift deliveries by 26 percent in 2012 and by another 26 percent in 2013. Actually, the US unit of Subaru, headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has had record sales for the past six consecutive years and is the only automaker with increases posted during the last seven years – and that includes the troubled age of the latest Great Recession.

We should now feel more cautious and refrain from saying the brand could hit one million sales – after all it took it since 1968 to reach that half million units. But, nevertheless, the Japanese brand remains an impressive auto industry actor, only matched in prowess on the US market by the much larger (actually world’s seventh biggest) Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. FCA US – with the brands Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo and Fiat jumped 16.4 percent last year to a little over 2 million autos. Not to mention that Subaru stands third in a recent study of brand loyalty, just behind giants Ford and Toyota.

Via Forbes