US: summer sees hike in driving time image

According to the latest survey taken by Harris Poll, 71 percent of American motorists will be hitting the road this summer for some trip fun, planning at least one long journey this season.

Actually, on a more immediate basis, the upcoming Independence Day holiday will be spent on the road by 41.9 million Americans, set to travel 50 miles or more – the biggest tally since 2007 and an almost one percent hike from the 41.6 million people travelling last year. Of those, an average of 35.5 million is expected to travel by car. “Although some consumers are using their recent savings on gas to pay down debt and save, overall, Americans are planning to travel in record numbers,” comments Marshall Doney, AAA president. “Independence Day gas prices are expected to be the lowest in at least five years.” The rising household income, which is favored by the strong increase across the employment market, is one of the key reasons Americans are travelling for holiday more this year. Almost 85 percent of travelers will use a vehicle to get to their holiday location, thanks to the cheaper gasoline prices seen from a year ago levels.

Pollers are forecasting that summer trips will average 1,300 miles, with millennials most likely among generations to plan at least one summer road trip: 79 percent versus 64 percent of Generation Xers, or 68 percent for both Baby Boomers and Matures. Naturally, families with kids are also more likely – 82 percent to 66 percent – to plan one or more seasonal road trips.