Looks like perception problems just keep piling up for General Motors, already locked in a public relations scandal around its timing of a recall that saw 2.6 million cars called back and was linked to at least 13 deaths.

Now, a new survey taken among top suppliers to the automotive industry in the US sees the No.1 US automaker as the worst major carmaker to deal with. Planning Perspectives Inc, an automotive consultant group shed light on its annual survey that asks the biggest suppliers to the car industry on their opinion regarding their auto making partners. The so-called “Tier 1” parts makers and distributors were asked about their relationship with the six companies that account for 85% of the US light vehicle sales annually.

While since 2008 Chrysler, now the unit of recently established Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, constantly won the dubious reputation GM has managed to overcome them this year. The company was low market in key areas like prices, overall trustworthiness, communication prowess, and its protection of intellectual property.

PPI’s Supplier Working Relations Index saw Ford Motor lose third place to Nissan Motor, only besting Chrysler and GM, while Toyota – the largest automaker in the world and Honda finished first and second, respectively.

Via Reuters


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