US: SUV segment is ready for Generation Y image

One thing is clear after visiting the 2014 edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show – the automotive industry is increasingly targeting the younger buyers – the so-called Generation “Y”.

After the latest great recession has passed, the auto businesses in the US have rapidly returned to a healthy status and are now fully entrenched into wooing the next-generation of buyers. But there’s a catch – while the US sales charts are full of large-size SUVs and trucks, the tendency towards downsizing is ever more present. That’s because the younger generation is today more interested in owning the latest smartphone than driving.

So, the booming sport-utility vehicle market needs to offer alternatives if it wants to survive in the mid to long-term future. No wonder that smaller entries have swollen the dealerships more and more – and the LA Auto Show was no exception. Honda, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Mazda all introduced new models into the category: the HR-V, the 500X and CX-3.

The new Honda HR-V is a new small crossover delivered from the underpinnings of the troubled Fit subcompact and expands the brand’s line-up to offer a smaller take on the popular CR-V SUV. Fiat showed up the classy 500X, a more stylish brethren of the Jeep Renegade and the small Japanese company unveiled their latest model to make full use of the Skyactiv range of technologies – the CX-3.

Via Bloomberg