US: Takata and automakers hit with lawsuits over airbag debacle image

Japanese auto safety supplier Takata and its automotive clients have been sued by US drivers that own affected vehicles, claiming the companies tricked them into buying unsafe cars.

The lawsuits have been filed in federal courts by numerous buyers or leasers of cars from ten automakers as the NHTSA issued a public notice for owners of almost 8 million vehicles to hasten their decision to visit the dealerships. In high humidity areas the airbag’s inflator could explode with too much force, sending metal debris flying at high velocity through the cabin.

At least two cases have been filed so far – representing a nationwide class of consumers – with the claim that owners were harmed after they bough unsafe vehicles. Honda – the biggest Takata client – has alone recalled so far more than 6 million cars since 2008 because of Takata airbags’ related issues.

“Takata and the vehicle manufacturer defendants knew or should have known that the Takata air bags installed in millions of vehicles were defective, ” claims a copy of one complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida that has been provided by plaintiffs’ lawyers. So far, four deaths and at least 30 injuries have been tied to the defective deployment of Takata-produced airbags.

Via Bloomberg