US: Takata and Honda implicated in wrongful-death suit over faulty airbags image

Both Japanese companies were cited by the plaintiffs as the primary responsible in a lawsuit tied to the ongoing debacle that has seen millions of cars recalled because they were equipped with defective airbag inflators.

The lawsuit was filed in relation to an accident that led to the death last month of a woman in Florida, and is just the latest in a huge series of legal issues the companies face as they brace for the impact of further recalls associated to the faulty system. Since 2008, Takata equipped automobiles have been recalled by the millions all over the world by ten brands, with Honda being the largest client and having the largest percentage in the wide recalls that have seen 11 million autos in safety campaigns in the US alone.

Now, the family of Hien Tran decided to file a wrongful-death lawsuit in state court in Orange County, Florida after the woman was a casualty of an accident that involved her 2001 Honda Accord. On October 2 she died, three days after the automobile collided with another vehicle and her airbag exploded, according to the suit’s filling. Also, according to a medical examiner in Florida, Tran had “stab-type wounds” from airbag debris and the authorities initially thought they were facing a homicide case because of the wounds.

Via Reuters