US: teen drivers can almost double parents’ insurance payments image

As a parent, one of the many hard points in life is when your offspring grows old enough to get his driver’s license – and safety is one of the primary concerns.

And parents should also be aware that once they add their teen to the family car insurance policy the payments are going to almost double, according to the latest findings of a new study. According to the latest research, the average premium will jump around 80 percent – and the increase soars to 92 percent on average if the teen is male. The payment rises do tend to vary greatly when locations is taken into account – from growing just 17 percent in Hawaii to up to 115% in New Hampshire. The study found it’s costly to insure your teen, though there are ways to lower the bill under certain conditions – for example if your teen is a great student. Industry experts say the massive increases should be of no surprise – given the fact that teen motorists are usually the riskiest drivers group on the road.

That’s because almost 3,000 fatalities occurred in teen crashes back in 2013, read a study released in May by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, with almost 400,000 injured. And making matters worse – the study also found that almost two-thirds of the injuries or deaths during the accident were people other than the teen responsible. “Teen crash rates are higher than any other age group, and this data confirms that the impact of their crashes extend well beyond the teen who is behind the wheel,” comments Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.