US: Tesla is the real automotive “bomb” image

If you take a look at our news, and for that matter at the news from any other important automotive news source, you could see the trend of getting at least one story each day from Tesla.

And, quite frankly, after we analyzed, reported, debated and whispered everything there is to know about the electric’s company rising fortunes, we should this time let the numbers do the speaking.

Last week, at the closing of the New York stock exchange, Tesla managed to achieve another record – becoming the highest rising auto company in the US in at least the last 20 years!

In fact, besides being the best automotive stock in so many years, since its public inception as a tradable company in its June 2010 IPO (initial public offering), Tesla has managed to become the best-traded US stock since 2006. In the last 12 months alone, the Californian based electric car manufacturer had its stock surge 619 %, and around 15 times since 2010.

“Its combination of technology, glitter and utility, while being a leader in a segment that has a lot of potential, is leading buyers and investors to Tesla,” said Alan Baum, an analyst at Baum & Associates in West Bloomfield, Michigan, who tracks alternative-powertrain autos. “They’re leading a new segment with a product that transcends the segment it’s in.”

Tesla grew these days on the praise from Consumer Reports magazine that named the Model S as their best reviewed car for the year, on the expansion to Asia and Europe and on the announced battery “gigafactory”.

Via Bloomberg