US: Tesla owners hit by strange and obscure warnings image

Well, talk about car crazy. This time around it’s not in the petrol head kind of way, rather in the deranged, get to hospital in restraints kind of way. At least in San Francisco and when it comes to Tesla cars…

Especially when it comes to luxury cars and their owners, things go wild: we all know how the three pointed star hood ornament on Mercedes cars rarely survives for long, we remember BMWs burning in Berlin, while Cadillacs or Porsches had deadly encounters with keys and got their headlights smashed in numerous places.

But things that happen with Tesla cars around the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay areas are definitely way creepier. While pamphlets received by owners in the area – which has been in recent years a Mecca for tech employees who favor the Model S and its $110,000 price are rather ordinary – prompting owners that cars equipped with lithium-ion batteries are prone to fire, other items on the anonymous pamphleteer’s “Consumer Alert” list are more deranging.

According to former Engadget editor Ryan Block, which shared the pamphlet in a Twitter post, citing demographic data obtained from various court filings and lawsuits the pamphlet says Tesla owners are inclined to drunk driving, drug use and “strange sexual behavior,” while there’s also a note that warns of potential “anal itching.”