The California-based electric automaker looks set to reward the future workers of its Nevada car battery “Gigafactory” with an average hourly wage of $25, according to the chief of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

Since the massive battery plant currently being built close to Reno, Nevada is a new facility, all the workers there would be treated as new hires, regardless of their qualifications. So, the $25 average hourly wage would be higher than figures seen at almost all US carmakers and almost double what the majority of automotive suppliers are offering now. The Detroit Three automakers have a double-layered wage structure, in which new hires are compensated less than senior staff. More so, the salary would be better than the $17 starting hourly wage of Tesla employees that are getting hired in the car factory in Fremont, California – which makes the luxury Model S electric sedan.

Tesla has been planning to construct the world’s largest LI-Ion battery factory, dubbed the “Gigafactory”, in the desert east of Reno, saying it would hire around 6,500 workers over the span of almost a decade. Mike Kazmierski, chief executive of he Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, told the Reno Gazette-Journal about the Tesla wage plans, adding the company is pressuring the existing and new employers in the area. Back in October, the Reno newspaper also reported the exact figures paid by Tesla to its factory workforce: most of the employees (around 4,750) would start at $22.79 and hour, around 820 equipment and quality technicians will get at least $27.88 an hour and engineers and other senior staff would start at $41.83 per hour.



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