It seems that the fight for the top spot of the premium sales in 2015 in the US has not been settled even if we are at the middle of February, as a recent report shows that BMW was not actually the leader.

Even with a reported 17 percent drop in December deliveries, BMW retained its crown of the premium segment in the US. At the end of 2015, its sales totaled 346,023 cars, while Toyota Motor’s Lexus delivered 344,601 units and 343,088 for Daimler AG’s Mercedes. At least this is what we all thought looking at the figures reported by the automakers in their official sales charts at the beginning of January. But it seems the title is still in dispute as, according to a report from the automotive data researcher IHS/Polk, Lexus was the king of luxury sales in the United States last year. The numbers gathered by Polk shows that BMW’s figures are with 10,764 units lower than initially reported, while Mercedes-Benz is lagging by 5,800 units, while Lexus is off only by 4,209 cars, thus propelling Toyota’s premium unit to the top and demoting BMW to third position. While vehicle sales and registrations never match, Polk’s findings are raising some questions.

And this is not the first time such a dispute is sparked as, after BMW claimed the title back in 2012, Polk later reported that Mercedes-Benz had 5,025 more registrations. Daimler said at that time “we’re the leader in the luxury segment, at least when you’re talking about cars in customer hands. Volumes can be manipulated. Registrations, not so easy.”

Via Automotive News


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