US: the best and worst cities for motorists image

A recent study has taken the time to assess numerous factors and then present us the results, thus showing which are the best and worst American cities for drivers.

Rising fuel costs – at some Los Angeles pumps gas prices suddenly jumped to incredible levels – are among the major woes for American motorists, but also not the only ones factored in by finance website WalletHub when it gathered the data to set up the 2015 Best & Worst Cities to Be a Driver study. The study took the time to compare 100 of the most populous US cities through 21 metrics, which include such factors as gas prices, traffic delays and car thefts, car club availability and even the price of parking. “Some cities are more haven-like for drivers, especially those who find pleasure behind the wheel,” noted the WalletHub study’s comments. Other cities might meet their drivers with endless traffic jams, bad roads and growing costs for everything from fuel to insurance and repairs.

The absolute worst metropolis to be a driver was New York, followed by Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The East Coast took home six entries in the shameful bottom ten, with the West Coast faring just as bad: Los Angeles was 91st and San Francisco 97th. On the other end of the tipping scale sat Lubbock, down in the heart of the Texas oil fields, followed by another state neighbor – Corpus Christi. Houston took the third spot, followed by Greensboro, North Carolina and Tucson, Arizon landed the final spot in the top five.