US: the best-selling nameplates of 2014 image

Back in 2009 the US government was not only bailing out the financial sector but also the auto industry, with General Motors and Chrysler being restructured through bankruptcy. Today, all that is a distant memory.

Last year’s sales surged 7% to a total of 16.5 million autos, the best level since before the great recession – putting the mark on America’s recovery. Automakers not only ended the year with some of their best sales ever – Chrysler even racked up in December 57 consecutive monthly gains – but also fattened as the consumers were confident to make big-item purchases. The rising consumer confidence, coupled with cheap financing deals and in latter months with a massive drop in gasoline price led to huge increases for the money-making segments – luxury cars, SUVs, pickups and crossovers were all the rage I 2014, driving up the average transaction price across the industry. So, while most of the carmakers reported rising sales across 2014, let’s see now who are the true victors of last year’s sales.

According to auto sales data tracking website Good Car Bad Car, the Ford F-Series was – yet again – the best selling vehicle in the United States in 2014, even as the company grasped with the turnover to the new generation, aluminum intensive 2015 model year. Just as we told you above, pickup sales soared last year, so the top three positions belong to vehicles from the segment – the F-Series held a comfortable lead of more than 750,000 units over the second placed Chevy Silverado that only delivered around 530,000 vehicles. The rising Ram line came a rather distant third – at under 440,000. Cars only occupied the next four positions beginning with America’s best selling passenger car – the traditional Camry at more than 428,000 units delivered.

Via Forbes