US: the best used luxury models under $22,000 image

With sales booming across the new vehicle market, it’s not really easy to understand why great deals in the used-car market are so few and scarce, with industry experts reporting the first quarter of the year saw prices going up by 7.1 percent.

The new record average has reached $18, 088 per vehicle, which is still a notch down from the national average for new units – reported by Kelley Blue Book at $33,500. But if you’re a real bargain hunter, you could find a good quality car – let’s say three years old – retailing for less than the average. And sometimes it would even be a luxury car. So, here’s a small list of options to consider if you’re looking for a used premium car or crossover, costing less than $22,000.

Starting at the bottom, we find the Lincoln MKZ, with NADA used retail price for the 2012 model year at $18,300 – way off from the original price of $34,755. Up the ladder we can take for a spin the 2012 Audi A3, with NADA’s used retail price at $19,075 (original $27,270) and the hatchback body, which has been changed now into a sedan in the US. Sporty thrill seekers might want to take a look at the BMW 128i Coupe, which can be had for $20,125, down from the original sticker of $31,200 and brings a 230 horsepower six-cylinder engine. Family heads could look the way of the Cadillac CTS Wagon, with the NADA used 2012 retail price at $20,925 (original $39,015). The best way to secure a premium crossover is to head towards the Land Rover LR2 (Freelander in other markets), which comes down to a Nada retail price for a 2012 model year of $21,650, a long way down from the automaker’s calling for $35,700.

Via Forbes