US: the best vehicles in terms of resale value after three years image

American motorists are snapping new vehicles at an almost never before seen rate this year, with pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles once more fashionable, meaning more and more autos will hit the used car market.

According to the NADA’s used car guide, the top vehicles that retain the highest resale values after three are also mostly pickups or SUVs, and the top pick in terms of the highest three-year value retention rate among 241 tracked models is a SUV that has been taken out of production – the retro-styled Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV. The 2012 model year FJ Cruiser tops the chart with its massive 91.5 percent retention of the original value. Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum – the worst resale value after three years – has the smallest auto on the US market, the miniscule two-seat Smart ForTwo minicar, holding on to just 32.5 percent of value after three years of use. “Depreciation, and ultimately retained value, is determined by a variety of causes. Factors such as reputation for quality and dependability, fuel economy and performance, and vehicle design play critical roles in determining how well value is retained, as do new vehicle pricing, incentive levels and production volumes,“ read the NADA report.

Before seeing who are the best 15 models in terms of retained value after three years, we can also see how Japan’s Toyota has the lead among automakers – six models in the overall top ten and six out of 14 Toyotas turning up the best deals after three years in their own segments. Following the Toyota FJ Cruiser, here are the top 15 models in terms of resale value: Toyota Tacoma; Toyota 4Runner; Ram 3500; Subaru Impreza; Toyota Tundra; Subaru Forester; Toyota Highlander; Toyota Sequoia; Honda Ridgeline; Dodge Challenger; Honda CR-V; Nissan Frontier; Nissan GT-R and the Land Rover LR4.

Via Forbes