US: the cities that have the best and worst drivers image

After years of slowly getting lower, the motor vehicle fatality count has recently gone up slightly so motorists would be wise to start being a little more precautious when behind the wheel.

The busy Labor Day holiday has delivered another travel weekend with drivers clocking countless miles and statistics are now lending a hand in our quest for safety. For example, the data advises us to stick to America’s heartland, more precisely Kansas City. The town has earned the distinction of being the top location in Allstate Insurance’s annual Best Drivers Report. The city’s drivers are – according to the research – 24.8 percent less prone to become involved in an accident than the average US motorist. They are also very relaxed when it comes to accidents – because these are 13.3 years spread apart. Some other safe havens for motorists are Brownsville, TX; Boise ID, and Fort Collins, CO.

When dealing with the safest places to drive we might also consider knowing what metro areas to avoid and at the top of the list should be Boston, MA, where drivers are 157.7% more likely than an average motorist to wreck their cars and the average frequency of accidents being only 3.3 years. You should also consider this: the top ten list of cities to stay away from seven are in the Northeastern states and the District of Columbia, while the other three are in the most populous state of America – California. Additionally, while the numbers pain a bleak picture, Allstate’s study also discovered that 70 percent of vehicles involved in traffic incidents were afterwards drivable –meaning most claims were from rather low-speed (below 35 miles) accidents.

Via Forbes