US: the end is nigh – cars that go out of production image

Each passing year is the same. Some US-sold cars and trucks will bite the dirt as they go out of production and take a long nap in the auto history bed. Some will be forgotten, some will become legends.

Because the year is coming at an end and we’re now in the habit of making all sorts of lists – some important and others only for the statistical freak inside each of us, here’s an interesting take on the auto industry. We have here some models that will not be coming to dealers next year. Alphabetically, we start with the Acura TL, a car seen to big for the intended customer base and continue with the TSX, which, oppositely, was too small. Next up comes the Cadillac CTS wagon, designed to appeal to European customers. The same regional problems, namely Chevy’s departure from Europe, are prompting the carmaker to give the axe to the Captiva SUV.

Chrysler, which is currently introducing the new-generation 200 sedan is opting out of the affordable and with ample rear space 200/Sebring convertible. Dodge’s rebranding has collateral damage – the Avenger midsize sedan. One of the departures that might truly go down in history is the decision to stop making the Ford E-Series van. Here’s one no one will remember soon – Honda’s Prius rival, the Insight. Jaguar is also putting to rest a highly successful series – the XK – making room for the F-Type models. The Nissan Cube, which actually lacks any right angle and failed both geometrically and economically, is going to go out of production. And when it comes to SUVs, oddities are rare but interesting. Nissan is axing what could become the decade’s oddest looking vehicle – the Murano Cross Cabriolet – while Toyota is putting to rest the retro-styled FJ Cruiser.